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“This really made my day”

On an early Wednesday morning, I got up from the bed and did the sign of the cross as a sign of being a catholic believer, as soon as I got up I remembered something and this was my phone. Asking myself, “Where did I put it?” Suddenly, I remembered that my son used it and since he was still sleeping, I asked my brother who was still in the bed and he answered, “I do not know. I was worried because I could not enter the building without the phone and could not send a daily attendance. At that time, I continued searching for it and I was lucky enough because the alarm rang and I was able to locate it. Thank God, I found it. Then, I took a shower, got dressed, had a simple breakfast with rice and egg and said goodbye to my dad as well as to my older brother.

As I was heading to a bus stop, I took my phone out from my bag and I noticed that there was a small strip of paper and I thought it was just a plain paper but to my surprise – I saw this paper and it touched my heart

knowing that this is my son’s penmanship. This really made my day and kept me from smiling and thinking how sweet for a 5-year old boy to have this message and cute flowers and color.

In my mind, I uttered “Thank you little boy for giving me this beautiful message early in the morning”. This simple draft from him made me so happy.  As a working mother, my time is limited however; he appreciated my effort and recognized everything that his father and I did for him. I thank God for giving me a sweet and cheerful son.




電話なしでは職場の建物に入ることもできないため心配でした。 その後も探し続けていたのですが、目覚ましのアラームが鳴ったことで見つけられたのでラッキーでした。



よく見ると、これが私の息子のが書く字であることが分かりました。 これが本当に私の一日を素晴らしいものにしてくれ、5歳の子どもがこのメッセージとかわいい花を書いてくれるなんてどれだけスウィートな男の子なんだろうと思いました!


彼からのこの紙きれが私をとてもハッピーな気持ちにしてくれました。 働きに出ている母親として私の時間は限られています。



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