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“The right time has come”

Fashion is my passion. This passion in fashion started when I was in elementary. Before I start my blog, let me ask you the meaning of fashion. What is fashion? According to google, fashion is a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior.

Yes, this passion has started for a long time in my childhood years. Since, I belonged to a large family buying stuffs every now and then was quite difficult because my dad was the only one working in order to support all the needs in the family. One day, I asked my dad to buy a pair of sandals because at that time, I only had a pair and the heels were uneven. My dad replied, “Okay, I will buy you a pair of sandals after buying your older brother’s pair of shoes” and I answered okay dad, even if it was not okay. However, I had to accept it because it was not that important than my brother’s shoes because he had to change it or else he could not get in the school campus.

As time went by, I graduated in high school and even in college; my dream has not changed, instead I expected more pairs of sandals and shoes and buy all those as soon as I get a job.

Fortunately, in just a month after my college graduation I got a job as an Esl (English as a Second Language) teacher to Asian students. Then, my simple dream in my childhood years came true. Despite the long time of waiting, I was able to buy not just a pair of sandals and shoes but pairs of them. I could say that there will always be the right time for the things that you are longing for as long as you wait.

Now, I have many pairs of both sandals and shoes. In addition, I am very thankful to my parents who gave so much importance to education because without them I can’t buy all of these. Therefore, I believe in this saying that “THE HARDESST TEST IN LIFE IS THE PATIENCE TO WAIT FOR THE RIGHT MOMENT.”







当時 わたしへの教育を重視してくれた両親にはとても感謝しています。なぜならその時の教育がなかったら今仕事ができていないかもしれないからです。


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