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The Holy Land is an area roughly located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Eastern Bank of the Jordan River. The term “Holy Land” usually refers to a territory roughly corresponding to the modern State of Israel, the Palestinian territories, western Jordan, and parts of Southern Lebanon and southwestern Syria. Jews, Christians and Muslims regard it as holy.

This place is my mother’s ultimate goal in life. Since I was in high school, my mother has wanted to visit this place before she dies. 

“I stopped and stared at my mother’s face imagining the situation that the whole family will be visiting this place as a family trip and taking many pictures and keep those as one of the best   memories together.” 

However, this is not a piece of cake for us because going to that place needs a lot of money. Other than that, going to this place is not only expensive but also hard considering a number of members who are going to go on this trip. 

Can you imagine thirteen members are going to have this trip? This would definitely cost a lot but I do not lose hope that one day we can be there together. I hope that in the future my siblings and I can bring our mother to this special place as a return for all her sacrifices from being a mother and a wife. 

聖地は、地中海とヨルダン川の東岸の間に位置する地域です。 「聖地」という言葉は、イスラエル国、パレスチナの領土、ヨルダン西部、レバノン南部とシリア南西部に位置する領土を指します。 ユダヤ人、キリスト教徒、イスラム教徒はこれらを神聖なものとして捉えています。

この聖地は、私の母の人生の目標にもなっています。 私が高校生の時から、亡き母はこの場所に行きたがっていました。




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