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High grade lessons and environment. New value for studying in Cebu

The important thing in studying abroad is to have a goal, learn efficiently, and produce results. “High-quality lessons” and “comfortable environment where you can concentrate” are both indispensable for success in studying abroad. CLC study abroad in the Philippines has many merits such as price and distance, and stay in a high-grade hotel with peace of mind in terms of security.

“Cost”  ”Time”  ”Living”  ”Meals”  “Lessons”  

From studying abroad that compromises something, to studying abroad that satisfies a good balance.

Learning English to make their dreams come true.

What is BAI Hotel Campus Language Center?

Curriculum, excellent instructors have taken over as they are.

Cebu Doctors‘ University ESL Center (Cebu Medical University ESL Center) is currently closed due to the impact of the new coronavirus. Newly established BAI Hotel Campus Language Center (CLC). Study abroad in Cebu has finally resumed since May, and we are introducing “Study abroad in Cebu” while enjoying Cebu life, and “Online study abroad” where you can study abroad in Cebu while staying in Japan. The lecturer was a former lecturer at the Cebu Medical University ESL Center, where nearly 5,000 international students were studying every year. From infants to university students, adults, families, seniors, English beginners to advanced students, we can teach English according to your English level.

Cebu Doctors‘ University ESL Center

What is a Bai hotel with a school?

Cebu’s largest luxury hotel with 668 guest rooms. Facilities such as restaurant and rooftop pool, gym are enriched, too.

BAI hotel building

Single room

Twin room

front lobby


Japanese restaurant


fitness center



room bathroom

cafe restaurant


rooftop pool

rooftop lounge


[Facilities] Check-in 15:00 Check-out 11:00 / All 668 rooms / Rooftop pool (with children’s pool) / Fitness center / Sauna / Pool bar / Spa / Coffee shop (3 places) / Currency exchange / Bar / Steak restaurant / Japanese restaurant / Buffet restaurant / Clinic / Kids room

For meals, use a popular buffet restaurant in Cebu

The food problem that I was worried about studying abroad was also cleared. Enjoy a wide variety of menus from around the world

Breakfast and lunch during your stay will be at a popular buffet restaurant in Cebu. A wide range of menus from around the world, including Japanese food, are lined up, and salads, fruits, and sweets are also available. Enjoy a well-balanced meal every day.

In front of the hotel is a convenient shopping center for dining and shopping.

An easily accessible shopping mall. There are more than 50 restaurants including a supermarket, restaurants and cafes, a variety store, and a currency exchange office. Everyday dinner selection is fun, and even if you eat full, it costs 200-700 pesos.

Good access from anywhere


The hotel also has a 24-hour clinic, but in case of emergency, there are two large new hospitals within a 2-minute drive. Both have Japanese help desks.


The hotel is located approximately halfway between Cebu International Airport and the center of Cebu City. Conveniently located about 20 minutes by car to the airport and about 10 minutes by car to the center of Cebu City.


It is approximately ten minutes by car to ferry platform for Bohol Island of popular tourist attraction. 30 minutes by car to the island hopping beach resort.

Curriculum to ensure English proficiency

Efficiently learn the 4 skills necessary to improve English proficiency and acquire practical communication skills.

A variety of programs centered on one-on-one lessons. We can meet the needs of juniors, students, business people, families, seniors, beginners to advanced English speakers. Many Japanese people are not good at speaking, so about half of the class time is structured to speak English.

classroom 01

classroom 02

classroom 03

classroom 04

[Uniquely developed program to improve each person’s English ability]

General Speaking English

University Academic (IELTS)

TOEIC Course

Business English

Hospitality English

Kids/Junior English

Senior English

Short Program


10 online lessons present for all applicants

The key to enriching your study abroad and making it successful is “preparation before departure” and “continuation after returning home”.


For online study abroad, get used to English before traveling. We also support the continuation of English learning after returning to Japan. By taking the “Online Study Abroad” before traveling abroad, you will gain confidence in your English conversation, enrich your study abroad life, and double the fun. In addition, you can ‘meet again’ directly in Cebu with the lecturer who learned in ‘online study abroad’. After returning to Japan, they will continue and improve their English skills learned in Cebu by taking the “Online Study Abroad” course.

Arrival in Cebu, information on arrival at the hotel

How to get to the hotel after arriving in Cebu

Please come to the hotel by taxi. Alternatively, our staff will pick you up at the airport and transfer you. [oneway$30]

Check-in upon arrival at the hotel

Please check in at the hotel front desk. A passport is required. There is also a credit card authorization as a deposit. If you do not have a credit card, a 2,000 peso deposit is required. If there is no room charge (for use) during your stay, you will be refunded at check-out.

About the first day of school

Please meet at the front lobby at 08:30 after breakfast. We will give you an orientation such as filling out the required documents, guiding you through the hotel, and guiding you to Park Mall. Lessons start in the afternoon.