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One of the best things to do in our lives is to travel. People go everywhere which part of the world they want to visit.  If you are interested about Southeast Asia, you can visit Philippines. If you are ocean lover, you can visit Cebu. There are many amazing blue beaches that you would love to. You can also do enjoyable acivitivities such as diving, snorkelling, etc.

If you are interested our culture like history, you can also visit to historical places like temple, museum, church etc. Aside from that, there are many  places that you would probably enjoy. If you are into breathtaking scenery I will recommend you to visit “Tops of Cebu”.  The most perfect view there to visit is night especially if you want to see the beautiful city lights. Many Cebuano’s go together with their families,  friends and special someone.

Of course, let’s not forget the food that people would enjoy the most. If you want to experience eating our local food, I recommend you to try “Lechon”.   If you are curious what is lechon, it is a very popular food among Filipinos. It is a sprit-rousted pig. The lechon is prepared for special occasion especially wedding, birthdays, Christmas, New Year etc. You can also enjoy eating other local foods and delicacies.

Your vacation will be worth it and living your mind rent free because of your beautiful and unforgettable experience.


私たちの人生で楽しいことの 1 つに旅行があります。 人々は行きたいところなら世界のどこへでも行きたいと思っているのではないでしょうか。

東南アジアに興味があるなら、フィリピンに来てみてください。 もしみなさんの中で海好きな人がいるのであれば、セブをおすすめします。

みなさんが大好きであろう素晴らしい青いビーチがたくさんあり、 ダイビングやシュノーケリングなどの楽しいアクティビティも楽しめます。


それ以外にも、楽しめる場所はたくさんあります。思わず息をのむような景色が見たいのであればら、「Tops of Cebu」という場所を訪れることをお勧めします。

夜に行けば美しい街の明かりを堪能できます。 セブに住む多くの人たちは、家族、友人、特別な人と一緒に訪れていますよ。

ご当地グルメを体験したいなら「レチョン」がおすすめ。レチョンはフィリピン人にとても人気の食べ物です。 豚の丸焼きです。





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