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“Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone”

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I graduated from university not into reading English novels and the like. For me, aside from the fact that it’s so difficult to understand English books, it’s also time demanding. 

Until such time that, I got really close to a friend who has been fluent in speaking English. I asked her how she did it and she just shrugged and said, “READING”. Her response really got into my nerves, and I felt guilty, disappointed with myself, and there was a fang in my conscience. I couldn’t picture how I graduated from university without reading a single novel all my life. 

That moment made me realize I was a gormless creature. That very moment was life changing. 

I didn’t have any books with me to read so I asked that friend to lend me some. She said she had lots so she let me borrow one. 

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She handed me an old looking unattractive uncovered book. 

Honestly, it wasn’t very inspiring to read. By the looks of it, I lost that drive of improving my fluency in speaking English (sigh). 

Nevertheless, I pushed myself and tried. I tried the first page and I couldn’t wrap my head around the things the author was saying in the book. I stopped reading it for days and then weeks. 

One day I got really bored and stuck in my room with nothing to do. And then I saw that book. I started perusing it and little by little I got so into the story and without knowing it, I got addicted to reading it. I was so into it that I didn’t even leave my room anymore. 

Then I got my circle of friends. They’re Harry, Ron, Hermione and me. 

When I almost finished reading the book I got sad and a little depressed. Lol! I wanted to read more about the story and be with my friends. LOL!

After finishing the book, I downloaded the entire series on my tablet and continued… 

Now, I really enjoy reading books. It does not only boost my confidence in speaking English, but it also widens my horizon. 


私は英語が堪能である友人に秘訣を聞いていたことがあります。 私はどのようにして堪能になったのかを尋ねると、彼女は肩をすくめて「読むだけ」といいました。 彼女の反応は本当に私にとって衝撃でした。私が一つの小説を読むことなく大学を卒業した事実を表現できず、自分自身に何か罪悪感のようなものを感じました。






ある日私は本当に退屈をしていたので、立ち往生していたことがあります。そしてその本を見て、熟読し始めたのですが、知らないうちに読むことにはまっていたのです。 部屋に引きこもる程に熱中していました。

そして私は友達の輪を手に入れることになるのです。 彼らはハリー、ロン、ハーマイオニー、そして私です。

本を読み終わるころには、私は悲しくそして少し落ち込みました(笑) そしてもっと読みたい、彼らと友達として一緒にいることを望みました。(笑)


今となっては、本当に本を読むことが楽しいと感じています。 英語を話すことに自信をもたらすだけでなく、私の可能性を広げてくれます。

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