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I had an amazing weekend with my family and relatives. It was an unexpected family getaway for me. However, my aunt had everything ready, so I couldn’t refuse and decided to come.

I got a call from my family the day before the event that they hesitated to come because they are busy and no one left at home. On the day, I was pretty shocked and pleased to see them because I haven’t seen them for several months.

We started the day by singing “happy birthday song” with the joyous facial expressions along with the rhythm, blew the candles, and ate some pre-prepared dishes.

Of course, it wouldn’t be happier if we didn’t feel the freshness from the ocean and coolness from the pool. We swam as long as we could and completely worn out after such a long time. We wanted to extend our time but everyone has to work on Monday and it was hard to take public buses due to COVID-19. Nonetheless, it was worth it.

In general, it was well spent and fun-filled exciting weekend full of memories and happiness. I’m looking forward for more fulfilling family gatherings and celebrations


家族や親戚と素晴らしい週末を過ごし、 私にとっては思いがけない家族旅行となりました。 でも、叔母が準備万端で色んなことを用意していくれていたので、断りきれず行ってみることにしました。





思い出と幸せに満ちた、充実した楽しい週末でした。 充実した家族の集まりやお祝いをまた楽しみにしています。

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