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“My Way of Unwinding”

Life and Work balance is an essential factor a person must consider to be healthy and happy in his/her life.

As for me, being both a teacher and a mother is never easy. However, I have loved doing these two. Life is hard, but it is beautiful most especially when you are surrounded with people who love and respect you the most. One of these people, whom I will be sharing in this Blog, are my co-workers and friends.

My friends and I usually find time to spend together like eating in restaurants, chatting (being very noisy) as our way of releasing stress. We laugh and laugh as we are treasuring the moments we are spending together. Most Filipinos love eating and it is one of our ways in enjoying. There are many kinds of restaurants to choose from in our city. However, those with a lot of meat menus are more popular. Most of the time, we eat meat with Coca-Cola or any kinds of soft drinks. I feel really excited and delighted when I am with my friends. Thus, I work hard and enjoy life as well.  



私にとって、教師と母親の両立をすることは決して簡単なことではありません。 しかし、この2つのことをやりくりしていくのは大好きです。



いつもコーラなどのソフトドリンクと一緒にお肉を食べますが、 友達と一緒にいるときは本当にワクワクするので嬉しく思います。


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