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“My Favorite Fast-food Chain and the company which helped me financially to finish my University Studies”

Now, that I am already a teacher for almost 9 years. I can’t help myself at realizing and remembering my experiences in the past as a working student with hardships in balancing my studies and part-time job way back when I was in the University. However, the adage “A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic, it takes sweat, will power and hard work” really reminded me to do my best. When I first started my job as a counter staff in Jollibee, I felt that it was not easy, due to the many things, which you need to consider as this is a top fast-food chain in the whole Philippines. I thought that I could not bear the pressure of working there, but I was wrong Jollibee was like a “family” to me even up to this present time though I don’t work for them anymore, my co-workers, some managers and I still keep in touch. When I was still there, I learned a lot of skills from their Management as well as real- life lessons which had made me become a stronger version of me now. 

The most precious gift they had given me was when they got me as one of their company scholars and with this benefit, I could continue my university studies and they paid my entire tuition fee in the University. In addition to this paid tuition advantage. The other Jollibee scholars and I also received money allowances from them by working for some days after our classes. I miss my Jollibee family so much and the smell of its delicious 

foods- (which I ate every day when I was still working there). Hahaha. To be honest, my favorite Jollibee menu is their “spicy chicken joy” –it refers to a ”spicy flavored fried chicken” that was the dish I had every day in Jollibee before as it was my choice and again my favorite.

Since before up to this present time, Jollibee is the largest fast-food chain in the Philippines with more than 1,400 stores and over 270 International branches which include Canada, The USA, The United Kingdom, Singapore, Vietnam, Hongkong, The United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and, etc.


わたしは講師歴約9年間です。 大学時代に勉強とアルバイトのバランスをとるのに苦労しましたが、働く学生としての過去の経験が思い出されます。

ジョリビーでカウンタースタッフとしての仕事を始めました。フィリピンの中でトップのファーストフードチェーンなので、考慮しなければならないことがたくさんありました。 当時、ジョリビーで働くプレッシャーに耐えられない。と思っていたのですが、辞めた今でも「家族」のようにしてくれ、まだ連絡を取り合っています。 私がまだそこにいたとき、私は彼らの経営陣から多くのスキルを学び、いまのつい良い自分をつくってくれた気がします。


他のジョリビーの奨学生と私は、授業後に数日間働くことで彼らからバイト代の手当も受け取ることができました。 私はジョリビーの「家族」がとても恋しく、そのおいしい匂いをいつも感じています。

私がまだそこで働いていたときに私は毎日ジョリビーで食べました(笑) 私のお気に入りのジョリビーのメニューは、「スパイシーチキンジョイ」というやつです。これは、「スパイシーフレーバーのフライドチキン」のことです。


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