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Mayon Volcano

     Mt. Mayon is amazing. This nature’s perfect cone is overwhelmingly beautiful that no sweet soul will ever get tired staring at it. No wonder, the province of Albay takes great pride in having it. 

Legazpi is known for being home to the country’s most active volcano, Mount Mayon, which even features on the Philippines 100-peso bill. Legazpi City is the capital of Albay, in the region of Bicol located on the southern end of Luzon, the largest island in the Philippine archipelago.

The explosive volcano towers over the city and its perfect conical shape can be seen from every corner of Legazpi.

Mayon Volcano

It is the main draw to the city, but for the best views, I suggest you visiting Sumlang Lake, Lingon Hill, Legazpi Boulevard or Mayon Volcano observatory. Visit either early in the morning or at sunset when the tip of the volcano is more likely to be visible without any clouds obscuring your view.  

Cagsawa Ruins

Cagsawa Ruins are what remains of a 17th century church built by the Franciscans. It is considered as one of the most frequently visited tourist destinations in the province of Albay. 

Near the Cagsawa Ruins is another one of the must-visit attractions in Albay: Sumlang Lake. The ideal spot for a relaxing day outdoors with family and friends, the lakeside destination offers fun activities such as rafting, kayaking, and fishing. If you would rather chill, Sumlang Lake is a quiet sanctuary with lush natural surroundings and a spectacular view of the volcano. 

The area is also a good place for souvenir shopping. Some shops are selling Orchids and other exotic flowers as well as handicrafts like shirts and handbags. The place is now called Cagsawa Park and it is now managed by the municipal government of Daraga, Albay. It’s more fun in Legazpi! 😀

Mayonは素晴らしい山のひとつです。この円錐の形をした山にとても美しく、その形が眺めることをを飽きさせません。 きっとアルバイ州はこの山があることに大きな誇りを持っているはずです。



最高の景色を見たいなら、サムラン湖、リンゴンヒル、レガズピ大通り、マヨン火山の展望台などを訪れることをお勧めします。 早朝または日没時に、雲が視界を遮ることなく火山の先端が見えたりします。

カグサワ遺跡は、フランシスコ会によって建てられた17世紀の教会の遺跡です。 アルバイ州で頻繁に訪問者が多い観光地の1つと見なされています。

カグサワ遺跡の近くには、サムラン湖があります。 家族や友人と屋外でリラックスした一日を過ごすのに理想的な場所です。

ここでは、お土産などの買い物にも最適なエリアです。 一部のお店では、エキゾチックなお花のほか、シャツやハンドバッグなどの手芸品も販売されています。

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