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Weekends are ideally spent charging us up for the week ahead and unwinding in the best possible ways. We all need some kind of activities apart from our routine job. It is great how doing different things help us to be in balance, which helps us in being more productive at work.

I would like to tell you about my weekend activity.
Cebu Safari and Adventure Park reopens its doors to welcome us to their new normal after being closed due to the pandemic.
One of the country’s most anticipated new attractions and a world class zoological garden located in Barangay Corte, Carmen 50 kilometers North of Cebu City. It is over 170-hectare property that features more than a thousand animals from120 different species, it is the largest zoological park in the Philippines and one of the biggest in Southeast Asia.

Together with my friend, I recently enjoyed the view of the zoo. It is 2 hours away from the main city of Cebu. We took a bus from North Bus Terminal to take us to Carmen. We asked the driver to drop us off at Carmen Public Market, then we rode a habal-habal to Cebu Safari at 100 pesos per head, one way.
The park will open at 8am up to 5pm. We arrived 10 minutes early so, while waiting we took some pictures outside the park and we had a great experience with the nature.

Cebu Safari and Adventure Park offers an escape into something wonderful and new. The park is home to loads of charming and super healthy animals, including White Lions, Bengal Tigers, Giraffes, Zebra and many more.
And unlike some of the zoos in the Philippines, animals can walk and explore their places freely. More than just a wildlife sanctuary, the park also has a photogenic orchid garden and fantastic bird show.

The park also caters to Adventure seekers! They offer thrill and excitement for adventurous spirit.
We choose the Wildest Package which includes all attractions plus White Lion Safari also ATV Beginner’s Trail, plus Complimentary 2 rides – Zipline and Skybike which cost 1,350 per head.

Of the 3 activities, ATV was my favorite activity. They have a really great trail and if you are a motor junkie, this is 100% your place to go. Since it was my first time to ride an ATV, it was an exhilarating experience.

We really enjoy touring the whole Cebu Safari, despite the pandemic we had given the chance to visit the most amazing place in Northern Cebu.

Truly worth the travel and worth the pay! I’d say this is a must see if you’re visiting Cebu.





このテーマパークはフィリピンの中でも最も有名な動物園の一つで、セブ市から北に50キロほど離れたCarmenのBarangay Corteという場所にあります。

170ヘクタールを超える敷地に、120 種の 1000 頭以上の動物が生息し、フィリピンで最大、かつ東南アジアの中でも最大級の動物園です。

セブの主要都市から 2 時間の距離にあり、 北バスターミナルからバスでカルメンへいきました。
私たちは運転手にカルメン パブリック マーケットで降ろしてもうらうように頼み、ハバル ハバルに乗ってセブ サファリまで片道 100 ペソでした。




公園には、ホワイトライオン、ベンガル タイガー、キリン、シマウマなど、チャーミングで健康な動物がたくさんいます。



すべてのアトラクションに加えて、ホワイトライオンのいるサファリ、ATV ビギナーズトレイル、さらに 2 つの乗り物 – ジップラインとスカイバイクを含むワイルド パッケージを選択することができます。

3 つの活動の中で、ATV が私のお気に入りの活動でした。 素晴らしいトレイル(通り道)があり、あなたがモーター ジャンキーなら、100% おすすめしたい場所です。