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me and my son

I am friendly, kind and most especially a patient teacher to students as well as to my two sons since I am a mother. I love reading English books of different themes.

However, I like suspense and horror, the most. I have several hobbies, which includes playing with my sons, teaching them at home, watching movies, cooking and above all I like cracking jokes to friends because I want people to smile every day.

I am a city girl because my family and I really came from Cebu City. In short, we don’t have a province. I sometimes envy others, who live in the countryside, but I never have regrets of living in this wonderful place-Cebu City because it is like a paradise to me; Delicious foods, smiling and real people as well as beautiful places to visit are just around the corner in my hometown.

My greatest dream is to become one of the greatest English teachers in the world, so that I can continuously teach students from different countries.

私はフレンドリーで親切な性格だと思います。特に私は母親という身なので、生徒と 2 人の息子に対しての教師として、忍耐力も兼ね備えている自信があります。



家族と私はセブ市の生まれなので、都会の人間です。 要するに自分の田舎と呼べるものはありません。