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Coffee break!

Do you prefer coffee over tea? Most Filipinos enjoy coffee break any time of the day, but most especially in the morning. For some, they see it as an instant pick-me-up when they’re feeling under the weather.  Locally-produced coffee is enjoyed by many Filipinos. You can even find small coffee vending machines at a very affordable price. One cup costs around 10 – 20 Pesos (20 – 50 Yen). For people who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, they don’t mind spending much in going to expensive cafes: like Starbucks, Bo’s Coffee, Seattle’s Best, Cat Café, Wallstreet Coffee+Bar, A+Korean Café, Tully’s Coffee, and etc.

Did you know? Coffee trees can be found anywhere in the Philippines. Cebu, where I live, is  located in the Central Visayas region. The general harvest season lasts from October to March. My country, the Philippines, is one of the few countries that produce the four main viable coffee varieties; Arabica, Liberica (Barako), Excelsa and Robusta. In fact 90% of coffee produced in the country is Robusta. Going back, coffee production was once a major industry in my country, which 200 years ago was the fourth largest coffee producing nation.

I have visited some coffee shops not only here in Cebu, but  also in Kyoto and Tokyo. I really love the ambiance and the uniqueness of every coffee shop that I’ve been to. Normally, I drink coffee once a day. I like hot Cappuccino with hazel nut, cold Americano, and Latte. I usually enjoy coffee with milk. The combination of the two ingredients are perfect for me, not too sweet nor bitter.  How about you? Do you like coffee? Whether you go to fancy cafés or enjoy making coffee by yourself at home or at  work, it’s really up to you where and how you gonna enjoy your coffee break. ♥ ♥ ♥




私はいつも、ミルクと一緒にコーヒーを楽しみますが、この 2つの組み合わせは完璧で、甘すぎず、苦くありません。
みんさんはどう思いますか? コーヒーがお好きですか? おしゃれなカフェに行く場合でも、家や職場で自分でコーヒーを作るのを楽しむ場合でも、どこでどのようにコーヒーブレイクを楽しむかはあなた次第です。 ♥♥♥

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