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Because of the pandemic, I rarely go out on weekends. I prefer to stay in the house and do my hobbies like reading an online fiction story, watching any kinds of movie or listening to music. But one of the things I loved the most on weekend is to be with my best friends. We often see and talk each other because of our busy career.

Last May 29, 2021 we decided to meet each other again since it has been a long time and the last time we’ve met was December 2020. We went to my other friend’s house and prepared some foods like spaghetti, potato fries and gulaman dessert. We talked different things like what we used to talk during our college years.  We stayed on the rooftop and the ambiance goes well because of the beautiful sunset.

It was just a typical Saturday but for me it was one of the memorable weekend. Time really flies so fast when you enjoyed







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