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When things got rough!

It’s been two years since China corona virus 2019 outbreak and yet the universe still feel the aftermath. I wouldn’t like to lie in saying that everything has been smooth, because honest to goodness, I was in between staying on the lane of sanity or succumbing to insanity, when things was falling apart. That was how difficult accepting what was happening was.

I was so getting used to doing my daily routine that time, and just with no warning, the things that made me who I was slowly slipping through my grasp. I lost my job, and I had to say goodbye to the closest colleagues I had. Losing my job was like losing everything. I was so comfortable having that kind of life and I got pulled out away from it. 

It felt like the world was over.




以前までは、日常生活を何の警告もなく、ゆっくりと過ごしていましが、コロナウイルスによって 仕事を失いました..

そして最も近い同僚の皆に別れを告げなければなりませんでした。 私にとって仕事を失うことは、すべてを失うようなものでした。


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