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A roller coaster of dreams 

When I was young my friends and I used to play like we were in the class and of course I am the teacher. By then I fancy my teachers in elementary. I got inspiration on how they teach students with great patience and enthusiasm then I told myself I will become a teacher one day.

When I graduated in elementary school, my parents enrolled me in a private school. I got separated from my childhood friends because they were all enrolled in public school. Having a new environment brings me chills and excitement. I made new friends and being a teacher someday was forgotten. Due to diverse characteristics and personality, somehow I adopted my classmate’s dream and that is to become a journalist but that’s for first year only in high school.

2 years later I discovered that I am good in the field of cooking and banquet servicing. I even joined some competitions like table set up and cooking competitions inside and outside school. So my dream has changed again. I wanted to work in a hotel, specifically a chef or manager in Food and Beverage in a hotel. To cut the story short I graduated with a degree of Hospitality Management majoring in Hotel Restaurant Tourism and travel. But that’s not the end of my dream in life. I wanted to share my learning in the field of hospitality industry so I enrolled in a Diploma in Professional Education for me to be able to take a Licensure examination for teachers.

Now I am a teacher, and have been teaching for 5 years. Never stop dreaming. If you feel that it’s difficult, tiring, suffocating, and you are out hopes. Let time heal you and keep fighting. If you’re in pain, feel the pain until it hurts no more.






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