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My obsessions

For today’s blog I am going to share my obsessions in life but first I’d like to discuss what are obsession and its typical types. Obsessions are recurrent and persistent thoughts, impulses, or images that cause distressing emotions such as anxiety or disgust. Many people with Obsessions and Compulsions disease (OCD) recognize that the thoughts, impulses, or images are a product of their mind and are excessive or unreasonable. However, the distress caused by these intrusive thoughts cannot be resolved by logic or reasoning. Most people with OCD try to ease the distress of the obsessions with compulsions, ignore or suppress the obsessions, or distract themselves with other activities.

Typical obsessions:

Fear of getting contaminated by people or the environment. Disturbing sexual thoughts or images. Fear of blurting out obscenities or insults. Extreme concern with order, symmetry, or precision. Recurrent intrusive thoughts of sounds, images, words, or numbers. Fear of losing or discarding something important

As for me, I have almost all of these types but not severe. Two most type that I can’t overcome are fear of losing or discarding something important and Fear of getting contaminated by people or the environment. Let’s discuss now why I fear of losing or discarding something important. I have witness deaths of my love ones and friends even in life of game. When I was in high school I develop a phobia of ambulance siren that’s after my serous accident that I almost died. Whenever I can hear that sound I always think that somebody is dying. Years later my 2 grandfather died respectively in front of me. Since then I treasure every big and small situation. Second is fear of getting contaminated by people or the environment. I believe we should act who we are but being gay who lives where discrimination and bully is one of the major problem I choose not to be socially inclined person. Either people or environmental factor I manage to avoid being contaminated cause I know exactly how toxic the result. 


今日のブログでは、人生における私の執着について共有しやいと思います。最初に、強迫観念とは何か?そしてその典型的なタイプについて説明したいと思います。 強迫観念は、不安や嫌悪感などのネガティブな感情を引き起こすもので、繰り返し発生する持続的な思考、衝動、またはイメージです。 強迫性障害を持つ多くの人々は、思考、衝動、またはイメージ過度であり、また不合理であることを認識しています。しかし、これらの思考によって引き起こされる苦痛は、論理的には解決することはできません。 OCD(強迫観念障害)を持つほとんどの人は、苦痛を和らげたり、強迫観念を無視しようとしたり、他の物事に気を取られるようにしたりします。


人や環境に汚染されることへの恐れ。 性的な考えや画像。 猥褻さや侮辱をぼかす恐れ。 順序、対称性、または精度に関する極端な懸念。 音、画像、単語、または数字についての繰り返しによって起こる思考。 重要なものを失ったり捨てたりすることへの恐れ。



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